Currently I am Professor of Philosophy at SMU. I came to SMU in 2002 after getting my Ph.D from Brown University under the excellent guidance of my co-chairs Jaegwon Kim and Ernest Sosa. Most of my work is focused upon self-knowledge, subjectivity, and the philosophy of mind.  My book Consciousness and the Limits of Objectivity: The Case for Subjective Physicalism was published by Oxford University Press in 2013.  I am currently working on a book on the self.

In addition to my research, I am also in the process of writing a series of dialogues with my co-author Torin Alter that introduce students and others to the central topics in philosophy. The first in that series, A Dialogue on Consciousness, came out last winter from Oxford University Press, and the second, The God Dialogues, was published by Oxford in October 2010.  Torin and I have also edited a reader, Consciousness and the Mind-Body Problem, published by Oxford in Fall 2011.

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